Getting Content of Boxnote




  • mschwartz

    Hey  - unfortunately, this is not possible via the API today. 

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  • stenci

    Is the negative answer still valid after two years?

    Any plan to cover this functionality via API?

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  • jcleblanc

    Hi ,


    No, it's not. While there are no Box Notes APIs in and of themselves, there are two solid options for you:

    1. Representations APIs: These APIs are specifically for getting representations of files (PDF / thumbnail / text / etc). Within those docs is a section for fetching text representations, which should work to be able to extract the text out of a Box notes file (which will have a file ID associated with it).
    2. Download file endpoint: You can download the content of a Box note via its file ID. What is returned is a large JSON structure that has a large amount of metadata, but also has the content of the file embedded in there. The main issue with this method is that there is some unique markup in the content that is used to structure UI elements like tables and headers, but that can be parsed and removed / adjusted since it's predictable. 

    Hope that helps,


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  • Michele Sama

    Any updates on this?


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