How are salesforce records and box folders linked?




  • Kourtney

    The Box Folder/Salesforce Record relationship is maintained by an object in Salesforce called FRUP. A single FRUP record includes a Box folder ID and its associated record ID in Salesforce. It also keeps track of individual users (Box and Salesforce), and their access to the folder/record relationship.


    To run a FRUP report: 

    1. Click on "Setup"
    2. Navigate to "Create > Objects"
    3. Click "Edit" by the "FRUP" object
    4. Click "Allow Reports" and Save
    5. Click the "Reports" tab from your All Tabs menu
    6. Click "New Report..."
    7. Search for FRUP within the Report Type list and click Create
    8. From the fields on the left, double click "FRUP: ID", "Box user", "CollaborationID", "Folder ID", "Record ID", and "Salesforce User" to add these columns to the report.
    9. Filter for "All frup" (not just Created by Me)
    10. Run the report
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  • TylerMcCarty

    Can you link salesforce records and Box folders through the FRUP object?


    such as :

    box__FRUP__c newFolder = new box__FRUP__c();
    newFolder.box__Record_ID__c = prop.Id; //id of the salesforce record
    newFolder.box__Folder_ID__c = prop.BOX_Folder_ID__c;  //id of the box folder you want on the salesforce record

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  • Jack

    Not important, just curious, what is FRUP an abbreviation for? 

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  • Kelly

    FRUP = Folder Read Update Permissions

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