Box to Aws S3




  • anoland

    Hey  -- I'd love to hear more about your use case for moving these files into S3.


    In the grand scheme of your best options, downloading the file locally and then uploading to S3 is the most accessible and would probably make it easier to handle the tasks between platforms more async since you can request a new file as you're uploading to S3. 

    The only alternative I can think of that would allow you to avoid downloading the files locally would be to use the new Skills API (blog postdocumentation) or Token Exchange (blog post, documentation) to obtain a temporary authenticated link to the file which you can pipe into S3 if it supports publicly accessible URLs. Just be mindful of token leakage in version control, etc. 

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  • iancrew

    Could you maybe leverage the fact that Box supports FTPS?




    It may not be as sexy as doing it fully via the Box API, but FTPS is pretty easy to do with just about every programming language these days.


    Hope that helps,



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  • Barty

    In hindsight, you could use Couchdrop's API and Webhooks, based on a certain event upload the file to Amazon S3 from Box?

    Disclosure: Couchdrop is a Box Partner and I work for this company

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  • Chris Groshong

    any update on this?  I could see lots of use cases for wanting to move files out of box to do some Machine Learning processing against them that would be too slow to call out to box in large numbers


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  • Andy John


    I come to this post late but one advice i can give to transfer the files without downloading and uploading using migration tool would be good from box to s3.

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