hobby/personal use of python-sdk on open-source project




  • Murtza

     Editing my response after reading your post again. I will ask internally to find out the recommended approach, and update the thread when I have more information. 

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  • jheld

      Thanks for the reply.


    I'm not sure that is the correct solution. As I said, the software will get installed on the client's machine, so they would have access to all of the credentials, if they so wanted. It's a non-zero risk that is easy to exploit if they care to.


    If you do think I could, could you explain in more detail how I would, given these concerns?


    I could submit a version of the app (a slimmed down version that respects the RemoteOAuth2 python class) to the marketplace, yes, but there is definitely still some setup that has to take place that I'm still working out.


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