Box content picker for users files




  • mschwartz

    Hi there - the best option would be to use the Box Content Picker (currently in beta), which is part of the Box UI Kit. This will allow you to authenticate a user using OAuth 2.0 and allow them to access their files using pre-built UI from Box. The Box UI Kit component is fully integrated with our APIs, so implementation should be simple! 

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  • irishbacon

    Thanks for the reply. Yeah I was planning on using the Box Content Picker, but how do I "link" it to a users account instead of my Box App? In other words how do I go about getting the access token for the user insetead of my (dev) token?  

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  • Priyajeet

    You will have to take a look at for a brief overview and for the API to get tokens

    followed by for content picker scopes.


    As a very simple, rough, not-production-ready and only for quick demo purposes you can look at which uses the standard OAuth approach (the other being JWT) for managed users.

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  • irishbacon

    Sorry for the delay, I had given up hope on a response.. 

    I appreciate the response. I will take a look. 

    I do have a process which has the following. 

    User clicks button to sign in to box. 

        - They are redirected to box ([my-app])

        -  The code is provided in the redirect (back to my site) after the user logs in and 'accepts'. 
        - I send the code off for an access token request. 

        - Once I get the access token I can create a new instance of dropbox. 

    However, that instance is for the content in MY application (assuming because of "client_id=[my-app]" in oauth request).

    My goal is to have my site access the users content after they allow "my-app" to access it.

    I still don't see anything in the content picker for that. 


    Anyways, thanks again for the response and I'll take another look in case I missed something. 




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  • tonyjin

    Hey Kyle, your comment refers to Dropbox several times and this is the developer forum for Box, a different company 🙂


    Are you using our content picker from this site (, which is the one we offer, or the one for selecting files from Dropbox?

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