After BOX Login, Permission Grant page coming every time




  • bibek_k

    Hello there,


    I think what you need to do is to "store" the authentication tokens (access/ refresh) in a persistent store like Registry, Keychain or even XML file etc. So, each time the user opens up the app, it gets the access token from the file and refresh it for fresh tokens and save the updated one on the store.  I am not sure how you are "refreshing" the tokens now if you are not storing somewhere because after an hour, access tokens need to be refreshed anyway. My be you can provide some details on the kind of app you have. 


    Not sure, if this made sense in your context. But if it's a desktop app built with .NET,Java, Python etc, this can be done easily.  If you do this then only time you need to go to permission page is when the token actually expires or is corrupted. 


    Hope this was helpful.




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