Bulk fetching operations on API - file info




  • aweber

    You didn't provide a ton of details, but you can probably use the Search API to do that.

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  • Carevsky

    Can you explain how would I search by fileId. So the use-case is: I have a list of fileIds that I got from the event stream and I want to fetch the file info by using this list of fileIds. 
    I tried using the search API, searching by keyword doesn't seem to be possible, since that is reserved for name, description, tag. I tried searching by metadata(mdfilters), by specifying the metadata filter request, which after running for a bit returns: 

    "The API returned an error [InternalServerError | rrn0rrg37yh3087i.0m472jbfivqald4h2t6uv0qc3qd] path_missing - An internal server error occurred."


    It doesn't seem obvious what I did wrong from the response. Could you give me some insight as to how this could be done?

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