How to reference/link a file file in one Box folder to another Box folder?




  • James
    Hi , 
    Thanks for your post and question! 
    It sounds like you would like to do the following:
    • File Z is in Folder A
    • Access File Z from Folder B
    Here is what you can do:
    • You will be able to accomplish the above task by creating a "Bookmark" for a file. See this link to learn how to create bookmarks for files.

    I hope this helps!





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  • JimINX

    I have the same issue. I have a file that I want to share across multiple folders (as James described, this is the use case). I don't want multiple copies, I want a single copy that is referenced in other folders. This would vastly improve our organization of files. 


    The "Bookmark" approach is too limited. Requires each person to create a bookmark on their own and offers no organization/grouping of the files. 


    Assume there is no easy way to do this now. Would be great to see it added to the product roadmap. (You have the capabilities with the URLs you can share and bookmarks, add the ability to make bookmarks be created for a team and be placed in folders)

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  • LordHog

    Thanks, James.  I created a bookmark and I hope it helps out the team.  Thanks.

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  • Howard

    Thanks for that great post!

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    Appreciate everyone for participating in the forum!

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  • Gwen Doddy Lowit
    • You will be able to accomplish the above task by creating a "Bookmark" for a file. See this link to learn how to create bookmarks for files.

    "This link" is broken.

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