Upload speeds drastically reduced using Python API




  • 正式なコメント

    Hi @Elias - If you haven't changed the version of the Python SDK that you are using, it's very unlikely to be related to the SDK, and instead is likely a function of either a change in network conditions, some characteristic of the Box account (e.g. a **drastic** increase in the number of collaborators or number of items in the target folder).

    This would be best handled by logging a support case and including as much information as you can about:

    -the network conditions under which the application is used

    -an example request id from the API response of a slow upload including the timeframe during which it happened (or if you can't grab those, the file id of a file that was slow to upload)

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  • Chris Wong

    Hey Elias, did you ever find the cause/resolution for this issue?  We have a similar issue with a Python SDK API having worked relatively quickly for years and then suddenly began experiencing long upload delays in the last few days. Thanks!

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