Box for MS Teams Tab not working




  • Amol Narkhede

    Some more info:

    I also found that I am not able to select a team folder from Box App Settings section. Even if I click on "Change" Button and select some folder, and come back, still this page shows "No Folder selected"


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  • France

    Hi Amol, 

    Welcome to the Box Community!

    We have seen this error message for accounts that have not fully completed step #3 in our support article here when deploying Box for Teams in your organization. 

    Please ensure that you have completed all of the steps in this article.

    If the issue persists, you may reach out to our product support team to further investigate with you by clicking on the “Contact Support” link just above this page.

    Thanks for your participation in the Community!



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  • Gary Morris

    Heya I was having the same issue, in Teams when you goto settings, you have to expand the default folder screen and then you will see a tick at the bottom of the default folder selection. It wasn't visible until I expanded the window saw this in two places now as soon as you do that you can select the default folder and the tab will pull in almost straight away.

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