API ENDPOINT - Copy public file to my box




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    Alex Novotny

    I'm not sure what auth type or sdk you are using, but it sounds like you will want to use as-user calls to impersonate the owner of the files. Here are instructions on how to do that with Oauth and JWT

    Hope this helps, 

    Alex, Box Developer Advocate

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  • Tomas Gonzalez

    Hi Alex!

    I'm using cURL requests to do this, thank you for your response, but sadly this doesn't fit my needs,

    "as-header needs the user to be a user with admin permissions, meaning either an admin, co-admin, or service account.",

    I would need to copy a public file from another box without permissions (the permission is in fact the file being public).

    For example, in Google Drive, a user can copy a public shared file to it's Drive since the file is public, i think this cannot be done in Box without giving at least "Viewer" permission to the user


    Thank you in advance! 

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