ContentUploader events question - no complete event when an error event happens




  • Matthew Edens

    The use case here is after a successful round of uploading files I'm firing off an xhr request to my server with the Files array so I can send an email to the people who need to know it happened.  However if I have one file of many that results in an error, maybe a bad filename or just a glitch in the Matrix, then I don't get any information about the successful uploads, just the one file that errors.  So I'm left with sending _that_ information to the server instead which could fire off a different email saying "uploads may have happened but something broke so go check anyways" which is an awful user experience.

    I'm pondering capturing every upload event and sending an xhr request to the server which will capture all uploads for later processing.  But that will have to rely on a periodic event to do the processing since the error event might happen first so it can't trigger the later processing.

    IMHO, There really should to be a completion event after the uploads are done, whether or not everything was successful.  Perhaps it becomes an event with groups for successful and error upload results and the current completion event becomes a "success" event if nothing bad happens.

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