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  • ClaireMalcorさんが投稿を作成しました:

    Search query on Metadata date attribute doesn't work

    I'm using the Java Box API to make search queries on my box files.The criteria of the query is the metadata value of the files, and specifically an attribute of Date type. The mdfilters parameter ...

  • ClaireMalcorさんが投稿を作成しました:

    Groups from Box API

    I have a user, which is a co-admin to manage Users and Groups.Via Box UI, I can add groups as collaborator for a folder, I have access to all groups.Via Box API, when I list the groups of the ente...

  • ClaireMalcorさんが投稿を作成しました:

    Long polling - User events

    I'm building a Box Application, using Java Content API and users authenticated as Box users.In this application, I need to receive an alert every time an item is created (or uploaded) in a specifi...

  • ClaireMalcorさんがコメントを作成しました:

    I don't understand your reply : the 2nd step of the authentication (code sent by text message to my phone) depends of the device used.My question is not about token expiry, or forced authenticatio...

  • ClaireMalcorさんが投稿を作成しました:

    Box app : 2 steps authentication every time ?

     I'm currently building a Box application, which will be used by Box users.I use the Java Content API, to call the Rest services, to authenticate the user, everything works fine. But I'm surprised...