Hilariously compounding Box issues

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  • AJ

    Hi Mitra,

    Welcome to the Box Community! I'm happy to help.

    Are you able to logout to Box Drive? Logging out completely removes all traces of your Drive usage from your machine and enables you to log in again as a new user. Also, when you log out, your Box Drive session ends and the login screen displays. In addition, logging out of Box Drive deletes all of the downloaded content you had marked for offline availability. This of course clears up hard disk space on your device. It also returns to an online-only state all of the content you have marked for offline availability. You will have to repeat the process of marking folders for offline availability.
    You can check this article to know more about logging out on Box Drive.

    Box Drive can also auto-update when it launches. If Drive detects that an update is available while it is starting up, it automatically applies the update without requiring any action on your part. This auto-update feature became available as of v2.2.

    1. To install the update, in the system notification, click Update Now. If you have closed the notification or missed it, you can navigate to the search menu by clicking the Box icon in your menu bar or by using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Option + Cmd + Space.
    2. From the search menu, begin the update either by clicking Update Available or by clicking the gear icon and then clicking Update. Box Drive then prompts you to close any open Box Drive files and proceed with the update.


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  • Mitra Ardron

    Yes - I was able to get it to update, the second time it worked.- it was probably a Bug in Box's update connected to the reboot being a fresh OS upgrade. 

    BUT .... you missed the point of this post, which was the three other problems encountered while trying to report the bug. 

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