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  • Thomas Deely

    Donald Hammons might have an answer here? 

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  • Donald Hammons

    With the mxHERO (Mail2Cloud) with Box integration, email body, metadata and any email attachments can be auto-saved into the Box Content Cloud.  Key perspectives on how this is done:

    1. Email-at-Rest:  mxHERO can support client needs for active inbox at-rest email body and attachment capture from user email inboxes.  Rules apply that allow for this capture within the mxHERO Admin Console such as:  (a) any email body and attachment older than X days old > copy or move to Box (b) IF 'content type X' is detected, move into Box target folder Y (e.g. invoices to AP, resumes to HR, other)

    2. Email Outbound - mxHERO can automatically capture 'outbound' email in transit, uplift the attachments w/metadata into Box and make a copy of the outgoing email /body/ for storage within Box.  Then, when the email is fired, a Box link to the attachment assets is inserted and by-rule can be View Only, View/Download, Auto-Expiring Link or even password protected.  Box Shield can also be auto-invoked.

    3. Email Inbound - mxHERO can automatically capture inbound / incoming emails and auto move the attachments w/a copy of the email body into Box.  This allows attachments to benefit from deep malware / security / ethical walls capabilities of Box and allows users to SAFELY preview inbound email attachments vs. blind downloads (security win).  Automation based on content type is also tenable e.g. Invoices flow to AP, Site Study documents flow to that Clinical Trial's folder in Box, Legal Matter to Case specific folders in Box, etc.  When automation is not tenable, mxHERO supports user-defined capabilities for moving email body and attachments into Box such as (a) drag/drop from email right into Box's Content Cloud folders (b) forward-to-alias options such that user forwarded emails to an 'alias' are auto captured by mxHERO's digital bridge for placement into Box.

    When mxHERO saves email body, meta-data and attachments in Box, there are three formats supported for the email body to be saved in Box and those are (1) MSG format of email body (2) EML version of email body and (3) a PDF of the email body - all natively supported.  Information re: mxHERO w/Box can be obtained via:  www.mxhero.com or demos/sales engagement via:  sales@mxhero.com 

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