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  • Aira

    Hi there, 

    Welcome to the Box Community!

    For API concerns, please refer to the article below: 



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  • Highspot OAuth Account

    Hello Aira,

    I've checked the documents but it does not seem something we can solve from our side, I've tried to change the configuration of our app and noticed the following:

    1. Originally, the app has read + delete permission in application scope, even we have checked both read and write.

    2. I unchecked the write permission and left read permission only - nothing changed

    3. I checked the write permission again and it shows up on the application scope of our app

    3. the delete permission is always there regardless of what I do and there is no specific permission control on it (I suspect it's a legacy configuration that can't be changed from our side)

    Can you help me check? Thank you!

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  • Highspot OAuth Account


    Can we have an update?


    Thank you!

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