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Access to files disappeared

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  • AJ

    Hi Daniela,

    Welcome to the Box Community! I'm happy to help.

    If you're a Box Business or Enterprise user, your admin can run a report to validate or repudiate whether the files ever existed on Box, or not.

    The report will contain many details surrounding the deleted content, including the person who deleted these files. Please contact this individual and ask them to restore the files from their trash. For Enterprise customers your admin might be able to login as this user and restore the content from this person's trash.

    If you know who your collaborator then please contact the owner of this folder and have them send you the invitation to the folder again.


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  • Daniela Radivo Harder

    Hi AJ,


    Thank you for your comment. I was hoping to be able to connect to support directly, but I couldn't find any way to do so other than through this blog. The files are still there. I think there is an issue with my Mac connecting to Box. I'm able to log in, but no files are visible. IT support in the company I work for has been able to log in as myself in a Windows computer, and was able to see files as usual. I've removed and reinstalled Box multiple times to no avail. 



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