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  • Aira

    Hi there,

    Welcome to Box Community! 

    This is to let you know that removing the resizing bar was by design with the new enhancements. Now we resize the grid cells dynamically based on the screen size.

    Apologies for the current limitation and we understand the necessity of this feature.

    At this time, this feature is subject for feature request and we recommend you post your idea on pulse.box.com for more visibility. Our product team reviews all submissions and will consider whether to include feedback in their product roadmap. 

    Thanks for posting! 

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  • Roy Sonboleh

    I posted it on http://pulse.box.com .

    I would think that since you are a moderator on here of some sort, you would have made it easy for people to follow the link by making it active so that everyone doesn't have to type it out in a new tab. It's a minor inconvenience for multiple people to do it but it's also a minor inconvenience for you to do it once.

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