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  • Mark Heidecker

    Doesn't work for me either.

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  • Rona

    Hi there, 

    Welcome to Box Community! 

    My apologies about your issue and allow me to assist.

    And to be able to contact Box Product Support via Chat  you must be signed into the community. Depending on your account type and the availability of an agent, the chat option should appear.

    Click "Chat with Us". Another widget will pop-up. Enter your details (name and question) and start chatting with us! It's as simple as that! The next available agent will contact you to continue the chat.

    If the issue persist after doing what was stated above. Kindly use another browser or clear your browser's cache and cookies. 

    Let us know in the Community if you need further assistance! 

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  • Mark Heidecker


    You mention "Depending on your account type and the availability of an agent, the chat option should appear." but there is nothing stated on the Box Support page letting your users know that the availability of the chat feature is dependent on those 2 things. I believe that the chat feature shows "Online" for everyone so this would clearly lead to frustration for many of your users like it did for me when I tried to get support for an issue I was able to get support for another way. I've now tried to access Chat 4-5 times over multiple days and using different browsers and it has yet to work even though I've been logged into the community each time and it's showed "Online" each time. Also, you say "Click "Chat with Us" but that is not the wording your users see so telling users that is likely to only lead to some confusion. 

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  • Aaron Schulhoff

    I am also having this same issue across all browsers and IOS safari.  However, in the past chat has worked without issue.

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