ribbon missing when opening an excel file online

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    Hi Everyone, 

    Thanks for bringing this matter to our attention!

    We have received similar reports from a small number of users reporting the same issue that their Menu Bar is burred out when using Excel online. We investigated and worked with Microsoft so this issue should now be resolved.

    If anyone of you is still having issues related to this, you may reach out to Box support team by clicking on the “Contact Support” link just above this page for further assistance in troubleshooting.

    Thanks for all your patience and let us know how else we can help!

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  • France

    Hi Amy, 

    Welcome to the Box Community!

    Can you try the following initial troubleshooting tips and see if this helps resolve the issue for you?

    • Try. clearing your browser's cache
    • Disable Add-ins/ extensions on your browser
    • Test if the same issue occur in other browsers

    If you need further assistance, you may reach out to our tech support by clicking on the “Contact Support” link just above this page.


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  • Chris Roch

    I am having the same issue as Amy in Firefox (cannot toggle Simplified Ribbon off).  When I open the same file in Chrome, the Simplified Ribbon is already off.  My organization has a number of apps optimized for Firefox, so I'd really prefer to be able to concurrently have my Excel files open, with the full Ribbon available, in Excel Online in Firefox.

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  • Alex Rivas

    I am having the same issue as Amy and Chris. I have attempted opening all of our excel files, in multiple browsers, and still get the same result. I also followed the instruction France provided, to no avail. The only thing I have noticed is that when I switch between tabs within an excel worksheet I get formula bar functionality but nothing else. 

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  • Junaid Liyakat Memon


    I have been facing the exact same issue!

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