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    Hi Luisa,

    Welcome to the Box Community!

    This message usually comes up when you try to access a link of a deleted file/ folder or if you have been removed and no longer have permission to access the content.

    If the file was deleted and you own it, you may restore it from your Box Trash and use the filter "Item I own" to see contents you own deleted by others. If its not in your Trash, chances are the file is owned by someone else thus you will need to reach out to the person who owns it to restore your access to the contents.

    Since you mentioned that a colleague he has retired, and if he owns this content, it's possible that the Box account of this user was deleted together with his contents thus you are no longer able to access it.

    I would suggest reaching out to your admin to confirm this if the content of the previous employee was preserved or deleted, if they need to recover the user's account, they may submit a ticket to Box Product Support team and our team will see if the account and his content is recoverable.

    Hope this information helps!


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