Integration of Box with Chromebook and PC

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  • France

    Hi Keith, 

    Welcome to the Box Community!

    You may download and install Box Drive if you would like to be able to save files from your from your PC to Box.

    Please take a look at this article on: Installing and Updating Box Drive

    For more information on using Box Drive, please check out this support article: Using Box Drive Basics

    Thanks for your participation in the community and let us know how else we can help!

    Warm regards, 

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  • Box User

    Frances' answer does not address Keith's question. He is asking about a Chromebook, not a PC.  I am having the same problem. Are Box and Google not getting along and therefore you can't integrate into a Chromebook?



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  • Greg

    On my Chromebooks I can download the DropBox and pCloud Android apps from the Play Store and once I have signed in to these the relevant drives become available in the Chromebook Files app. This means that I can stream files to and from my Chromebook as if it were a local drive. Here's what it looks like for me

    Box could possibly add this feature to their Android app and make their product a whole lot more useful to CrOS users.


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  • Box User

    Hello. I would like an answer to this also. Can you integrate your Box account with a Chromebook (not a PC) so you can download or upload files directly from Chromebook to Box account or vis versa? This is something sorely needed.

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