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  • France

    Hi Stefano, 

    Welcome to the Box Community!

    Please be advised that when using Box Sync, you can only sync folders that you own and those that you have been invited to collaborate with at least an "Editor" access.

    If you want to sync a folder that is owned by your friend to your Box Sync folder, your friend needs to invite you in that folder with at least "Editor" collaborator permission.

    Please take a look at these support article for more information:


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  • Stefano Spaziani

    Hi France,
    thanks for your response...
    Probably I haven't explained in detail my question: I have understood the box sync application and its possibilities...
    My question is if it is possible to sync an external folder directly to my box account over the web... not on my pc...
    I have my box account, my friend has his box account... it's possible to share a folder between us so we can see the same documents and file??
    It is a simple sync between our accounts over your server...
    Thanks a lot,

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  • Stefano Spaziani

    No response to my question?
    Sync folder from different account not with Box Sync but directly on web box.

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