Endless extra keystrokes- Please allow users to adjust DEFAULT sorting by folder

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  • France

    Hi Lesley, 

    Welcome to the Box Community!

    We appreciate you sharing your use case here on how setting up your preferred default sorting options for per folder would be useful to you.
    If this is something you would like to be able to do, I would highly recommend submitting this feature request at pulse.box.com! Our product managers review these requests and take them into consideration for future product development.
    Should any new functionality/ feature come out, we will definitely announce it in Box Product Announcement page. 
    Thanks for your participation in the community!
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  • Jack Duval

    All my files used to be sorted by name.  After the December 2021 update, no more.  Even if I select sort by name on my Mac, it no longer works.

    Please fix this!

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  • Linda Ade Ridder

    I whole-heartedly agree.  The default of listing files by size is driving me crazy and is taking a ton of time to get to anything.  This is making Box very much LESS useful.....  Please, please fix this.


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  • Jens Blegmand

    Agree to above. Please fix this!

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