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    Hi Murall, 

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    It actually depends on your organization's Trash policy.

    You organization may have set your Trash to Never auto delete items. OR, they could also be restricting managed users from deleting files permanently and that only admin may perform this.

    To learn more about Trash Policy, please take a look at this article: 

    Hope that shed some light in your use case!


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  • Ryan

    We are running into the same issue... A user deletes Version 3 of 5 for example. There is nothing in trash to delete, like when he deletes an entire file or folder. You can't permanently delete from what I see. Anyone, with appropriate permissions, can click on the deleted version and click Restore. How can we permanently delete version 3, so that it can't be restored, when it doesn't reside in trash.

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  • Trish Lyell

    I can't find a way to delete files at all.  option does not come up anywhere I can find.

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