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How to delete a Google Doc?

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  • Rona

    Hi there, 

    Welcome to Box Community and I’m here to help!

    Did you check if the file was uploaded in a shared folder? If so, you may contact the Owner to help you delete the file. 

    Hope it helps! 

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  • jameslinca

    It is not shared folder. It is just a normal folder in my box account. However once Google doc is created, the remove option.is not available for it. The other files under the same folder are fine which still have remove option to delete it.

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  • Mike Towler

    I have the same issue. I am the owner of a Google Doc file in a folder that I also own and I can't delete the Google Doc. Please provide instructions on how to delete a Google Doc from a folder. 


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  • Steve Kastner

    Rona, did you mark this as "Answered"?  It does not seem to have a viable answer.

    Same issue here but with a Google Sheet.

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    I have the same issue here. So annoying. Why make it undeletable or movable?

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  • Margaret Shih

    I found out you have to "unlock" the file first, then refresh the page, then you can move or delete. when the spreadsheet is created it automatically "locks"

    unlock feature is located in the vertical 3 dotted menu for each file.

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