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  • Rona

    Hi Jayme, 

    Welcome to Box Community and glad to help! 

    To give you an insight on what define as a “strong” password?

    • A "strong" password is a password of increased complexity. By default, Box does not require any specific level of complexity beyond the minimum number of characters.
    • A “strong” password must contain more characters than the minimum allowed. We recommend including numbers, special characters, and a mix of upper- and lowercase letters, but these are not required – they just help increase key space.
    • The criteria for a strong password for external collaborators is not related to the enterprise's password requirement settings but follows Box guidelines for strong passwords: using at least 8 characters, with either a combination of numbers, upper- and lowercase letters, or special characters (i.e. $#@&!).
    • If an external collaborator already uses SSO to access Box, we consider that a strong password and do not require updating the password.

    Kindly generate a new password for your Box log in. 

    Thanks for posting! 

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  • Jayme Weber

    My password meets the requirements. It will not allow me to change my password to access the file. It keeps saying it needs to be a strong password but I have uppercase, lowercase, letters, numbers, and special characters and am well over the 8 character minimum. 

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  • River Huang


    Did you make a box account with google account? If so, go to  and reset your password. I did this and it worked for me.

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  • Josh Morris

    The link is no good...Oops! We can't seem to find the page you're looking for.  however I do appreciate somebody trying to answer this question The same question exists on probably a hundred different links and this is the only one with an attempt to answer.

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