Excel Macros Not working

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  • Rona

    Hi Samantha, 

    Welcome to Box Community and glad to help! 

    As of this message, excel macros is not supported in Box. For any product feature request or suggestions, we recommend you post your idea on pulse.box.com for more visibility. Our product team reviews all submissions and will consider whether to include feedback in their product roadmap. 

    Thanks for posting! 

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  • Steven Schafer

    You've got to be kidding me.  My excel macros have worked great using Box Sync and now suddenly Box upgrades to allow direct linking to Box without needing Sync and my macros stop working.  Please tell me this has been resolved?  Otherwise Box will become useless as our primary storage tool and I'll need to manually sync files back and forth.

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  • David Curry

    I am having this same issue Rona please help us fix this ASAP

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