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Installation Box drive onto non C drive windows

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  • Ann

    Hi Kevin,

    Welcome to Box Community!

    To best guide us with the process, you may visit this community article: Configuring the Default Box Drive Folder Location.
    To customize the location of the Box Drive folder, ensure everyone is on Box Drive v2.3 or later and follow the steps below. This involves adding a system setting in the registry on Windows or a user defaults value on Mac.  We recommend you set these values before installing Box Drive. If you set the value after installing, Box Drive does not pick up the setting until it is restarted.

    • Ensure that the custom folder location already exists and that it does not contain a file or folder called Box. If Box Drive discovers a file or folder called Box under the custom location, it reverts back to the default location under the user's profile directory.
    • Ensure that everyone has the proper file system permissions at the new location. We recommend testing with a few individuals to ensure they can still continue to access Box content unimpeded.
    • Customizing the Box Drive folder does not change where Box Drive stores its app data or cached files. So customizing the folder will not save disk space if you relocate the folder to another drive.
    • Anyone with edit permission to their machine’s registry settings on Windows or user defaults on Mac can customize the Box Drive folder location.

    I hope this is helpful and I appreciate your posting!

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