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Email Notifications & Suppression List

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  • Rona

    Hi Christen,

    Welcome to Box Community and glad to help!

    I've investigated our email server logs and it looks like your email address was placed on our email suppression list. This typically happens when a user's email client repeatedly hard bounces our emails back to our server, or when an email inbox is not set up before the Box account was created. I've manually removed your email from this list, so the user should now be receiving emails from Box.

    To prevent this from happening in the future, please make sure that your email client, virus scan, ISP, or firewall are not blocking emails from

    • box.com
    • notify.box.com
    • reply.box.com
    • track.box.com

    It's possible that emails may bounce back to Box again. You may need to contact your ISP or internet service provider or Corporate IT department to assist you; please review this help article: Troubleshooting Issues with Email Notifications. 

    Thanks for posting!

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