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Handling a retired user

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  • Rona

    Hi Kevin, 

    Welcome to Box Community and glad to help! 

    Admin and Co-Admin(s) will be prompted transfer their user's contents as soon as they hit delete user in Admin Console.

    Here's the complete guide in deleting a managed user:

    • Go to Admin Console > Users and Groups .
    • Select the Managed Users tab.
    • Click the user name.
    • Click Delete User .
    • If the user owns content in Box:
      • Enter the name or email address of another managed user in your enterprise that the deleted user's content will be transferred to. Note that content left in the user's trash will also be transferred to the next user.
      • Click Continue .
    • If the user owns any Relay workflows:
      • Select:
        • Transfer content and workflows to another user , and then enter the email addresses of one or more existing managed users.
        • Delete workflows .
      • Click Continue .
    • Click Delete User .

    Note that when the transfer completes, the deleted user's content displays in the recipient's root level under a folder titled [Deleted User's Email] - [Deleted User's Name]'s Files and Folders .

    For more details, feel free to visit this article

    Hope it helps! 

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