Unable to add user with existing account to an organization with SSO

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  • Marlene Hadley


    The error "Email already used in a Box account but not associated with an enterprise" indicates the email is already linked to a personal or another enterprise Box account. To resolve this, ask the user to check if they have a personal Box account with that email and change the email address associated with it. If the email is tied to another enterprise, they must be removed from that enterprise first. If these steps don't work, contact Box Support for assistance, providing the error message, the email address, and relevant details. This should help in resolving the issue efficiently.


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  • Rona

    Hi Aaron, 

    Welcome to Box Community! 

    To look further into this issue, I've created a new ticket and a member from Box Product Support will be in touch, please keep an eye out. 

    Thanks for posting!

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