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  • Marlene Hadley


    It sounds frustrating to have your shared folders disappear suddenly from Box. Here are steps you can take to address the issue and potentially recover your data:

    Check with Box Support: Start by contacting Box support immediately. They can investigate if there are any known issues with shared folders or if there's a system-wide problem. They may also provide specific guidance on recovering lost data.

    Verify Folder Visibility: Sometimes, folders can become hidden or moved unintentionally. Double-check if the folder might be hidden or relocated within your Box account.

    Recover from Trash: Even if items are deleted, they might not be permanently gone immediately. Check your Box account's trash or recycle bin thoroughly to see if the folders or files can be restored from there.

    Permissions and Access: Ensure that you have the necessary permissions to view and restore items. Sometimes, permissions changes can affect folder visibility.

    Local Copy Attempt: If you're encountering errors trying to duplicate a folder locally, ensure that your internet connection is stable and try using a different browser or device. If the issue persists, note down any error messages you receive as they may provide clues for troubleshooting.

    Backup and Redundancy: Going forward, consider setting up regular backups or redundancies for critical data stored in Box to mitigate the impact of potential data loss incidents.

    Document the Issue: Keep a record of your communication with Box support and any steps you've taken. This documentation can be helpful for further troubleshooting or escalation if needed.

    By following these steps and reaching out to Box support promptly, you increase the chances of recovering your shared folders or resolving the issue causing their disappearance.




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  • Thomas Daniel


    Thanks for share information that recover from problem resolve now!

    Best Regard

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  • Rona

    Hi there, 

    Welcome to Box Community and glad to assist!

    If your shared folder has disappeared from the Box website  and it's not in your trash. Please reach out to the folder owner as your access may have ended. 

    Thanks for posting! 

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