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  • AaronV



    Thank you for reaching out to us.Your last question about sharing may help inform the rest of your questions - I think this will help clarify sharing vs. adding collaborators. Sharingi s more of a distribution mechanism where collaboration is, well more about collaborating (editing, comments, etc.) https://community.box.com/t5/Collaboration-and-Sharing/What-Is-The-Difference-Between-Collaboration-And-Shared-Links/ta-p/146


    Collaborations today are mostly only available on Folders, withe the one file exception specifcally for Notes. In time we look to open up file-level collaboration. Given the narrow deployment of it, you read it right that we don't support an event for file level collaboration. Once file-level collaboration is more widely available, we will roll out that event trigger.


    On the flip side, the creation of shared links is not part of our "collaborator" permission model. As the creation of the shared link is (generally) a one-time thing and it can be reused. Depending in your use case, it may serve you better to set the webhook on the viewing of the file (FILE.PREVIEWED). 


    As for the callback parameters, are you referring to webhooks v1/non API based webhooks?




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