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  • jcleblanc

    Hi ,


    This may be due to a few things - let's check off a few of the most common:

    1. Within the scopes of your application can you try setting "read and write all folders" to on if not already set.
    2. Did you (or your enterprise admin) authorize the app to work in the enterprise? You'll also need to reauthorize whenever there are scope changes to the app. If a JWT app isn't authorized it'll prevent you from making API calls. 

    Hopefully one of those is the cause,


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  • Teja2630

    Hi  ,


    Thanks for the response.
    I have made the configuration changes to my application as below:

    App Type: Enterprise Integration
    Auth Method: OAuth2.0 JWT
    Application Access: Enterprise
    App Scopes: as below
    application scopesapplication scopes


    and also authorized this app twice but still couldn't. and my self is the admin and there were no other users created.

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