How to set expiry time for uploading files through Box Api

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  • Howard

    Hi ,


    Thanks for your post. Is this for a collaborator who has access to your folder that you wish to expire?

    Would something like this work?

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  • dev4

    Thanks Howard.

    My requirement is, If I upload a file to box that file has to removed from box after certain time automatically. The time frame I wanted to set while uploading file to box so it will remove from box after the time bound crossed. I have checked upload file api for these parameters to set but I did not find.

    Is there any way to leverage the api or any existed api is there to achieve this requirement??




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  • LoCortes

    Good morning  and ,

    as per what I have seen I think this is one of the cases that the "first-api" approach has not been followed.


    As you say @dev4, on the api reference does not appear how to update that but on the Enterprise events appear a reference to "STORAGE_EXPIRATION" that controls when a file is set for auto-deletion.


    So, it is something that only seems to be available at the moment on the UI.



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  • barakbd1

    2 years old? Any progress?

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