How to see the uploaded files through JWT when my account is enterprise version of the account

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  • LoCortes

    Good morning ,

    you don't need admin console to check files. Well, not at least for the files you have access to.


    I mean, you are uploading content with some Service Account or Application user. You can use the same, through code, to retrieve the full list of users.


    Alternatively, you could invite yourself (with a managed account) to the different folders where content is being uploaded and then access the BOX UI.



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  • braden



    Allow me to expand upon this for you: you're using a JWT app, so the first thing you need to understand is that all of your calls are running through a Service Account unless specified otherwise. This means that when you upload your files, they can only be uploaded to a location that is owned or collaborated on by your service account (again, unless specified otherwise). By default, you're probably uploading to your root level in your service account, and because you can't log in as this service account in the normal way that you'd log in as a Box user, you won't see this content.


    You have two methods for uploading this content in a way that you'll be able to access it from add your service account as a collaborator on a folder owned by or collaborated on by a user you are able to log in to as, then define that folder as the location you'd like to upload your content to; or impersonate a user with your call to upload the file as that user to a location owned by or collaborated on by that user.


    Let me know if you have questions about that and I'll be happy to provide more information if necessary!




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