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    Hi Chelsea, 

    Welcome to the Box Community!

    Currently, there is no option to print and/or download the comments in a file. 

    For any product feature request or suggestions, we recommend you post your idea on for more visibility. Our product team reviews all submissions and will consider whether to include feedback in their product roadmap. 

    Should any new functionality/ feature come out, we will definitely announce it in Box Product Announcements!

    Thanks for your participation in the Community!

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  • Cheryl McCants

    This feature would be very helpful. If you can/t download the comments, you lose the interaction.

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  • Katherine Weathers

    It would be nice to know that ahead of time.  Our office spent weeks collaborating on a revision of a document.  We would like to sit and go through the recommended changes and physically mark up the document - not just on the computer.

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  • Colleen Gibbons

    This is a disappointing realization after our team marked up an entire document.  Will not use this service for group editing in the future.

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  • Shahriar Shahriari

    Not being able to download the comments severely restricts the usefulness of comments. In fact, there should be a warning that BOX comments cannot be transferred elsewhere and cannot be printed.

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