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  • hunnj

    You won't be able to invoke any of the standard Box admin reports directly but you can get to the same information through the Event stream.  Note this only has up to a years worth of events kept.

    We are using this method to pull certain content related to external sharing and collaborators to save off in a SQL db for Qtrly reporting and reviews of content.


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    i found call to get user events and enterprise events, but problem what we have is, everytime we run api call, we get response only for date "created_at": "2020-11-25T00:24:05-08:00",
    "recorded_at": "2020-11-25T00:24:05-08:00",
    "event_type": "ITEM_UPLOAD", and as seen in response, for ITEM_UPLOAD and ITEM_CREATE. We tried to setup optional query parameter for create_after 2020-12-12..... and event_type for something other, for example ACCESS_GRANTED, but still same response for 2020-11-25 and ITEM_UPLOAD etc.

    What can we do wrong, or how to achieve latest events?


    Thank you.

    Greetings, Adam.

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