How to End Collaboration for Many Files

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  • France

    Hi Justin, 

    Welcome to the Box Community!

    If you wish to end collaboration on folders shared to you by other users, you may follow the steps in this article:

    Thanks for your question and participation in the community!

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  • Justin Moe

    This only ends collaboration for the specified folder/file...

    I would like to highlight many folders and files and end collaboration.  Is that possible?

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  • Brian Matsumoto

    Hi I'd like to ask Justin's question again.  Is there a way to end collaboration on multiple files at the same time?  I have individual .jpg files that I would like to get out of my main folder.   Thanks

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  • Patience Kriedt

    Can I ask Justin's question a third time?  It is very tedious when you have many dozens of files that have been shared with you, and you have to end collaboration one by one.

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