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    Hi Anthony, 

    Welcome to the Box Community!

    Have you checked out this article here:

    Here are some things to consider when preparing your files for migration.

    Note: These are recommendations to keep Box running at peak performance, not hard and fast product limits.

    1. No single folder can contain more than 15,000 files. For the best performance, have at most 10,000 files in one folder.
    2. Folder names shouldn't be longer than 100 characters.
    3. File paths shouldn't be longer than 255 characters.
    4. No two folders within the same parent can have the same name. For example, the “Magical Creatures” folder can have only one “Unicorn” folder.
    5. File and folder names cannot have leading spaces. So “_narwhals” will need to be renamed to “narwhals.”
    6. Certain characters are not allowed in Box file or folder names. You must first remove all special characters from names for content you wish to migrate (please check the article above for the list).

    This may be relevant to your problem with the next steps!

    If you are still having issue, please go ahead and submit a ticket with our support team by clicking on the “Contact Support” link just above this page.

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