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    Hi Christiaan, 

    Welcome to the Box Community!

    I'd be happy to address your questions about External Collaborators.

    For your first question, the answer is No. An external user with lite account will not inherit your organization's storage pace, this is only applicable to "Managed users" and not external users. If they are collaborating on a folder that is owned by one of your managed user and say for example that managed user has 100 GB storage space, the external collaborators may upload on this collaborative folder until that managed user's storage is maxed out. 

    For your second question, if you have a Starter or Business account, seats refer to both internal and external users. Each user you invite into your folders is a collaborator you are paying for. If you have a Business Plus or Enterprise account, seats refer to internal users only and you have unlimited external collaborators. Internal users, referred to by Box as managed users, are generally people within your organization. Admins are able to manage these users and their default settings in the admin console. External users are generally people outside the organization who are part of another Box account or have separate personal accounts. You can learn more about the differences between internal and external users, as well as how to add each, here.

    Thanks for posting in the community and please let us know how else we can help!

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