Box Drive Not Displaying Complete List of Folders

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  • France

    Hi Eric, 

    Welcome to the Box Community, I'm happy to help!

    Can you please check the name of these folders in and see if they have unsupported character?

    Some operating systems do not support item names containing some special characters and will not sync to Box apps such as Box Drive. 

    • Box OS-independent restrictions: Box does not support '/' and '\' anywhere in a file or folder name or whitespaces at the beginning or end of a file or folder name.
    • Windows OS restrictions:
      • < (less than)
      • > (greater than)
      • : (colon)
      • " (double quote)
      • / (forward slash)
      • \ (backslash)
      • | (vertical bar or pipe)
      • ? (question mark)
      • * (asterisk)
      • If Windows does not support certain characters in file names, Box marks them as problem files. See the list of Windows file name restrictions. Windows file name restrictions also shown below:
      • Windows does not support folder names that end with a . (period) character.
    • Mac OS restrictions:
      • Box does not support opening spaces.
      • Box does not recognize Mac’s character conversion in file names (for example, Mac changes any occurrence of / to : in file names).
      • If Mac does not support certain characters in file names, Box marks them as problem files. Contact Apple support for recommendations on renaming files, folders, or disks.

    If the items in Box has an unsupported name, rename the item on and Box Drive will re-process the download.

    If there are no special characters and the folder names doesn't violate the above OS restrictions, please ask the affected user to try to logout and log back in to Box Drive. By doing so, the application will trigger a new command to regenerate the user's folder tree and it should show any missing content from Box Drive's previous login session. Please check out this article on how to properly logout of Box Drive: Logging Out of Box Drive

    Let us know how it goes and if you have any questions, and we will help you!


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  • Eric Grimm

    Thanks for the prompt response!  It was the trailing period - removing it from the folders in question starting things moving again.  Much appreciated!

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  • France

    Hi Eric, 

    You're welcome!

    I'm glad that you were able to identify the issue and resolved it.

    Thanks again for reaching out and if you have other questions, please let us know!


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