Box Embed - Not able to Add/Remove/Edit with Expiring Shared-Links




  • Peter Christensen

    HI Ruben

    I don't think you can achieve this without having a user authenticate to Box, either from the web or via API. The shared link you have created is an 'open' shared link which means everyone with the link could potentially access the files in the folder for viewing and/or downloading. Any edits or deletes of content would have to be done by an authenticated user token or session. 

    Most customers I work with who needs to share documents with customers in a custom website where edit/remove etc are required would use our UI Elements. These are easy to implement with a bit of javascript and can be configured to provide the functionality you need. There are some good guides and blog posts on the developer site as well 

    Best regards
    Peter Christensen, Platform Solutions Engineer, Box

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  • Ruben D

    Hi Peter,

    What you are suggesting looks like the way to go then. I'm gonna take a look at the UI elements dev notes but per what I just checked real quick, it should do it for us.

    I really thought for a sec, that we could make it work with the embed and expiring shared links. Just think about it, our app would be: creating/updating an "expiring"-shared-link with password (auto-generated by our code) to a folder every time any customer's files needs to be looked at. Customer's documents are not checked that often, so that's why that should do it for us. Then the link and password would be expiring after a few minutes. Not perfect but still secure and of course, easy integration!  :-)



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