Annotations not working for box-ui-elements




  • Peter Christensen


    Currently to use the annotations directly via CDN there are a couple of extra steps. See this excellent Blog post for more detail

    Best regards, Peter Christensen, Platform Solutions Engineer, Box

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  • Rui Barbosa

    Hi Ayush,

    This looks like a duplicate of this post, and I have missed this one.

    For reference to others I'll also duplicate the answer here:

    There is another example using REACT on this article, and I've just updated it to include a preview with annotations.

    Check out the GitHub repo.

    Please note that I'm using a really old version of node and the dependencies are messy.

    Also make sure you update the hard coded and invalid token with a fresh one from your app console in the app.js file.

    The file to preview is also hard coded so make sure you upload a file and use you own file id in the app.js file.

    Hope this helps, cheers.

    Here is a screen shot:

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