Can't log in




  • Rona

    Hi Claire, 

    Welcome to Box Community and I'm here to help! 

    Due to the login issue that you reported, I went ahead and opened a new ticket. A member of our team will get in touch shortly and please keep an eye to your email. 

    Thanks for posting! 

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  • Noah Wester

    I recently updated my Box password and can no longer log in to Box within Salesforce. I can log in to Box okay, but the Box integration within salesforce prompts me to login, opens another browser tab so I can login - which I successfully do, then when I return to Salesforce it is not recognized that I have logged in. I have tried clearing browser history and cookies, different browsers, different computers - nothing has helped. Salesforce customer service sent me to contact Box, so that the Box integration team can open a ticket with Salesforce Integration. I cannot find how to contact Box customer service - just this community forum.

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