why is that folders created by app user within the app cannot be seen in the BOX website?




  • Murtza

    There is no UI in Box for App Users. The App User user model is designed to be interacted with through the API.


    If you add a Managed User as a collaborator to the App User's folder with the content you need to verify, then the Managed User will be able to see this content in the Box UI.

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  • tomarcuragi

    Thanks Murtza
    Where would one find the App User foldersWe cannot seem to use the app user's log in to get into the Box.com siteWhat do you think the issue might be?
    We cannot see any App user info on the Box.com sitefrom the admin or user console or anywhere else
    Where do we find the AppUSer foldersWe know they have been created by our app because we can see them on our devices.But we cannot see them anywhere in the BOx.com file structure

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