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Box drive on MACOS Ventura won't install

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  • Aira

    Hi there,

    Welcome to the Box Community!

    To help me better understand the issue can you please answer the questions below

    1. Can you please provide a brief description of the issue you are seeing?
      • Example: "Files aren't showing up in my Box Drive folder, but I see them when I look on box.com."
    2. Please take a screenshot or screencast showing the error message or behavior:
      • There are several free tools you can use to create a screencast video. I recommend using Screencast-O-Matic or Jing.
      • Once you create the recording, please upload it to your Box account and send me a Shared Link set to 'People with the link'.



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  • Harvardi Hendarko

    I experience the same thing.

    I downloaded the box installer for Mac, and I have a 2021 14-inch MBP with M1 Pro, running macOS Ventura 13.2.

    The installer failed to install to my laptop.

    Why this happened and how to resolve this ?






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  • Demo

    Curious, this was set to answered, but I don't see the answer?  Having the same issue on my Mac.

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  • Ashish

    Same here.  It was not answered. And for me this problem occurred when the latest update failed. I deleted the App and tried installing it again. But no luck and doubt that anyone from 'Support' is going to respond. I suppose that is restricted to business customers.

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  • Raquel M Sitcheran

    I had the same issue with not being able to install Box Drive on my Mac. Was able to install and use Box Sync instead and that seems to work well! After you install, you have to go online to your Box folder, check the box you want to sync on your desktop, select "details" in the side bar and toggle on the Sync to Desktop. 

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  • Nick Artby Olsen

    Try to see if it didn't actually install after all - I kept getting the message as well, but found out that it had indeed installed nevertheless :) 

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  • Seyed Arshad

    anyone get this issue resolved?

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  • David Baron

    Did anyone get this to work? 

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