Box Drive Spotlight Indexing - Will this ever be a feature?

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    Hi Alexander, 

    Welcome to the Box Community!

    We appreciate you following up on this product feature request.

    Currently this feature suggestion is not in our roadmap and at present, Spotlight search on Box Drive is a known limitation.

    If this is something you would like to be able to do, I would highly recommend up-voting and sharing your experience on this feature request via!

    Our product managers review these requests and take them into consideration for future product development.

    Thanks again for your participation in the Community!


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  • Thomas Bjorkman

    Spotlight searching of information stored on the hard drive is a fundamental functionality. The workaround (Box search) is not satisfactory. 

    I often have to work offline, and have a number of files marked for offline access (that is, full copies are stored locally on the computer.) I need Spotlight to be able to find all the filenames in the Box index stored on my computer, as well as any content in the files that are stored locally.

    It seems a matter of removing the block that prevents Spotlight from indexing MacintoshHD/Users/Username/Box. 

    Please address this soon. Don't force us to move from Box Sync to a platform that doesn't work.

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  • Charles Roberts

    I upgraded to a new Mac with an M1 chip.  Previously I'd been able to search my files stored in box by using Spotlight.  That no longer works.  The Box search is quite rudimentary compared to Spotlight.  I have many files and will unfortunately need to switch away from Box because of this.

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  • Totally Agree, I have been a box user for ages and I didnt want to upgrade to Box Drive for this reason too, i was ¨partially happy¨ with Box Sync as this allowed  spotlight to find local files, this no longer works with Box Drive. I am also totally considering moving to a different platform because of this. I will give it one year max if this feature is not implemented. 

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