Box Desktop Sync on Mac M1 Chip

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    Hi All, 

    Just to give everyone here a quick update, we have released a Public Beta of Box Drive that is compatible with new Apple devices with M1 chips today 

    Any Box user can access this without signing the Master Beta Agreement. 

    To find out more information, including the installation and download instructions, please visit our community page.  

    Again, thanks for all your patience, we really appreciate it.


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  • France

    Hi Cindy, 

    Welcome to the Box Community!

    At the moment, Box Desktop apps (Box Drive or Box Sync) is not supported on Apple devices running on the M1 chipset. 

    Rest assured that our team is working diligently for a fix in a future release to support M1-based Mac machines soon so please look forward to it. 

    In the meantime, you can access your Box content on Apple Silicon devices via the Box web application by logging into

    Thanks for your patience and engagement in the Community!


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  • Oliver Day

    @Cindy Time to switch to DropBox or Google Drive. Box has become a joke at this point.  I switched recently and am really glad that I did because I couldn't deal with the web only application. 

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  • Mark Rea

    Wow - Box, you need to get this sorted quickly

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  • Daniel Hamad

    Really?  Did you not notice the M1 was coming or something?

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  • Bill Elkus

    Has anyone heard whether Box Sync will eventually support M1 chips?  Their OS page makes it clear they do not support it today:

    I prefer Box Sync over Box Drive, for two reasons: (a) since a copy of all files is copied to my computer, I have offline access on airplanes or in other locations without solid Internet coverage, and (b) my backup software Carbon Copy Cloner doesn't recognize Box Drive and will not back it up.

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